Учебник истории Марка Рибо


«Меня часто спрашивают, какие мои фотографии я считаю лучшими. Мой ответ: те, которые я сделаю завтра».

Марку Рибо (Marc Riboud) было 14 лет, когда он впервые взял в руки фотоаппарат — старый кодак своего отца. Эта камера дала первый толчок увлечению, которое он пронес через всю жизнь. Инженер по образованию, Марк Рибо в самом начале своей карьеры взял недельный отпуск — пофотографировать театральный фестиваль в Лионе. Этих семи дней оказалось достаточно: он никогда больше не вернулся на прежнее место работы.

Moscow, Rus­sia, 1960
Tak­en three years after the procla­ma­tion of the inde­pen­dence of Ghana (1957), this pho­to shows that colo­nial habits still per­sist to this day | Accra, 1960
Anshan, Chi­na, 1957
Bei­jing, Chi­na, 1965
Like thou­sands of his coun­try­men, this young moth­er fled the war of inde­pen­dence in Bangladesh to give birth to her child in a refugee camp in Cal­cut­ta | Cal­cut­ta, 1971
Camel’s mar­ket | Nagaur, Rajasthan, India, 1956
For­bid­den City | Bei­jing, Chi­na, 1957
The Japan­ese hide their mouths when they laugh, because it’s inde­cent to show the laugh­ter | Grand mag­a­sin, Tokyo, 1958
In front of the Jaipur Palace | India, 1956
Jardin des Tui­leries | Paris, 1953
Karlovy Vary, 1962
Kenya, 1961
Marc was shy. Robert Capa, who want­ed to help, told him: «Go to Lon­don to see the girls and learn Eng­lish». «I spent a year in Lon­don, recalls Marc. I have not seen girls (dif­fi­cult to ver­i­fy), but I’ve tak­en thou­sands of pho­tos». The East End has always been a poor neigh­bor­hood, unsan­i­tary and over­crowd­ed Lon­don. Today, this is where the future is built Olympic Sta­di­um. Lon­dres, East End, 1954
Los Ange­les, 1959
North Viet­nam, 1969
Palerme, 1976
Paris, 1953
Mar­c’s dis­abled daughter
Paris, May, 1968
Paul VI | Vat­i­can, 1972
Death of pope Pie XII | Rome, 1958
Skat­ing in front of the For­bid­den City | Chi­na, 1957
Varanasi, India, 1956
This famous pho­to of Marc Riboud, tak­en in Wash­ing­ton dur­ing a protest against the war in Viet­nam, is etched in our mem­o­ries in black and white. It took more than thir­ty years to dis­cov­er col­or. It is by no means a col­oriza­tion. Marc had for­got­ten that he had used anoth­er box loaded with col­or film. Now, we know that the flower in the pic­ture is pink. As the name of the young woman: Jane Rose Kas­mir. Wash­ing­ton, EUA, 1967
Yugoslavia, 1953
The queue at the Lenin’s Mau­soleum in Red Square | Moscow, 1960
A wed­ding | St. Tropez, 1951
The vast major­i­ty of Alge­ri­ans were illit­er­ate. Here, for the work­ers of a com­pa­ny to elect their rep­re­sen­ta­tives, they wear num­bers | Alge­ria, Mitid­ja, 1963
Divorce | Bei­jing, 1965
Iran, 1979
Istan­bul, 1999
The British Muse­um, Greek dia­logue between a horse came from the Parthenon and a very wor­thy sub­ject of his majesty | Lon­don, 1954
Moscow, 1960
Moscow, 1967
Near Chartres, 1953
Paris, 1953
Pingyao, Chi­na, 2001
Auschwitz train | Queens, 2003, Muse­um of Con­tem­po­rary Art
Russ­ian school, 1965
The Alcan High­way, or Alas­ka-Cana­di­an High­way, cross­es the north (Delta Junc­tion) to the south (Dawon Creek) | Alas­ka, 1958
The Indi­an sun will soon remove Kali’s stat­ue and the numer­ous arms | Cal­cut­ta, India, 1956
Cuba, 1963
Fidel Cas­tro inter­viewed by Jean Daniel | Cuba, 1963
Hard jobs are giv­en of course also to the women | Moscow, 1961
Strange reflec­tions at the edge of a Dutch canal | Hol­land, 1994
Through the lace of the Gala­ta Bridge, to the Gold­en Horn, does this poor lit­tle boy dream about big trips? | Istan­bul, 1955
The cult of Kali solic­its all imag­i­na­tion of the Indi­an sculp­tors | Kali’s fes­ti­val, Cal­cut­ta, India, 1956
«When I crossed this pass, I hes­i­tat­ed. As I like to trav­el slow­ly, the arrow of right attract­ed me» | Khy­ber Pass, Afghanistan, 1955
Foot­ball match at Wem­b­ley | Lon­don, 1954
In front of dip­tych Adam and Eve (1507) of Albrecht Dur­er | Muse­um of Pra­do, Madrid, 1988
Turkey, 1955
Behind the scenes of a the­ater | Osa­ka, 1958
The Duke of Wind­sor had estab­lished a clin­ic for cats and dogs | Paris, 1953
Eugene Ionesco dur­ing a rehearsal of «O Cal­cut­ta» | Paris, 1971
Isabela Faro­va, daugh­ter of Anna Faro­va, sig­na­to­ry of Char­ter 77 and mem­ber of the big pho­to­graph­ic fam­i­ly | Prague, 1981
Sal­vador Dali | Sapin, 1964
This very pop­u­lar sea­side sta­tion, the clos­est to Lon­don, shel­ters here the inti­ma­cy of a cou­ple | Southend-on-Sea, Eng­land, 1955
Tokyo, 1958
Turkey, 1956
Which of the two matrons will seduce the beau­ti­ful Apol­lo | Muse­um of Pra­do, Madrid, 1988
Wings of a night club | Tokyo, 1958

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