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Цель проекта #LoveY­ourLines — показать красоту женского тела. Аккаунт в инстаграме ведут две мамы, выступающие за более широкое понимание женской красоты. Они призывают женщин с самой разной внешностью присылать фотографии своего тела с растяжками. Обычно растяжки появляются на теле женщины во время беременности, но не только — иногда это происходит при резком изменении веса. «Несовершенство делает нас совершенными», — гласит подпись под одним из снимков. 

Редакция Бигпикчи солидаризируется с владелицами аккаунта и предлагает посмотреть фотографии. Они действительно заслуживают вашего внимания.

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Imper­fec­tions are what makes us per­fect. Eas­i­ly said, hard­er to ful­ly embrace…true nonetheless.

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«I came across your page & came to tears read­ing sto­ry after sto­ry relat­ing with many. Who knew I was­n’t the only «skin­ny» 20 some­thing deal­ing with these lines. I’m a soon to be 21 year old who is con­fi­dent in her clothes & style. I’m the gal that always spread the words of lov­ing one­self & own­ing your con­fi­dence in your beau­ti­ful god giv­en skin. When all said I’m also the gal that comes home undress­es and cries because these lines won’t leave me. I’m 110 lbs, I’ve always been thin but since I was in high­school I notice these lines how they got here I’ll nev­er know but I’m learn­ing every­day to own them. Do they scare me for the future when I decide to be fruit­ful and mul­ti­ply yes, but as I read all these sto­ries these lines inter­pret as Beau­ty Marks, screw them. We are beau­ti­ful women with beau­ti­ful skin, whether they tell a sto­ry or are just sim­ply due to growth let’s own them. We are all beau­ti­ful­ly marked.»

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#lovey­ourlines submission.

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«I’m a 24 year old mom from Bel­gium. I became preg­nant in Jan­u­ary 2012, my ulti­mate dream came true. Back then I was so afraid of get­ting stretch­marks that I start­ed buy­ing all kinds of prod­uct to avoid them. It took 8 months for them to appear any­way. At fist I was so sad about it, at age 22 I could nev­er wear a biki­ni ever again. But after I gave birth, some­thing changed. Some­where along the way I gained a lot of con­fi­dence. I embraced my “new” body, includ­ing my lines. They resem­ble the life I car­ried, they resem­ble that my body gave its best so that I could become the mom­my of a healthy per­fect lit­tle girl. And no mat­ter what oth­er peo­ple may say or think, to my daugh­ter I am the most beau­ti­ful mom of the world, or so she says.»

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«I love my lines.» sub­mis­sion from @elizzion

Фото опубликовано #lovey­ourlines (@loveyourlines)

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