Топ-100 Отъешь мне голову: работы Фила Фергюсона

Отъешь мне голову: работы Фила Фергюсона

Фил Фергюсон, более известный как Chiliphilly, — живущий в Мельбурне художник. Он вяжет крючком шапки, которые так и хочется съесть! Фил стряпает все — от суши до бургеров, но выходить из дома в своих творениях опасается — боится, что они испортятся!

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#49: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY @CHILIPHILLYSo for those who don't know the story, main reason I started my Instagram was because I had moved to Melbourne about a year ago and wanted to find a way to make new friends via social media. I figured that I could meet like minded people by posting images of my work and that would be that. Never in a million years would I think that I would have achieved so much within a year, and yesterday was my one year anniversary! There are so many small things that I had as goals such as being in @frankiemagazine, appearing on @sunriseon7, going viral, that I've already done but also I've met so many awesome people that have allowed me to have the most fun I've had in a long time! So thanks everyone for being awesome and following me but also thanks to all the guys who've supported me this whole way, and all the new friends I've met! I don't think anyone would have expected this much from it, but as long as I'm having fun, it should be all good! (I always planned to do a pineapple and figured this would be an appropriate time to make one!) Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Phil.

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#15: #BAE GOOD MORNING! I hope everyone is good and has a big breakfast unlike myself HAHA (what?) HAVE A GOOD WEEK EVERYONE!

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#5 Sauce Head Realness. MORE FOOD. Here I am serving tomato sauce and mustard on the face! Was a bitch to make but fun none the less!

Фото опубликовано Phil Ferguson (@chiliphilly)

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