Top 10 Tools for Learning

In the fast-paced world of today, we want to make our learning process as fast and effective as possible. No matter what you are trying to master, there are many ways that can help you do that with ease. So here are top 10 tools for learning that you can utilize and acquire new skills in a more effective way.

Learning tools


Are you having an upcoming test and you still don’t know what a singularity is? Or probably you just don’t get what your professor explained you the other day? Don’t worry, Quora is always there to answer your query. As a platform that is commonly used by many people that are experts in certain fields, you can ask pretty much anything and can be sure that your inquiry won’t remain unanswered.


Have you ever wanted to master a single discipline, which has never been taught in your college? By choosing this option, you are free to choose one of more than 50 000 online options given by expert tutors. Even though there are many free courses, you will have to pay for participating in the most appealing ones.


This is somewhat similar to Udemy, though the number of free courses is significantly higher. More so, if you don’t care about getting a certificate that will prove that you passed a program, you can opt for dozens of past courses that are now in free access.


This is a free online platform that can help you learn a foreign language in a fun and efficient way. Have you ever wanted to master Spanish, German or, maybe, Mandarin? This cross-platform application is bound to assist you in that. Perhaps, it’s about time you started learning a foreign language?


As a student, you are required to create dozens of papers and written assignments. However, you might also be unaware of all those punctuation or spelling rules. In such a situation, it would be a great idea to seek professional help from essay writing services from UKessay. In other cases, you might have nobody to proofread your paper. Thus, the service at hand provides you with an opportunity to check your paper and help you get rid of typos, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

Exam countdown

Being in college requires you to memorize too many things. From the first glance, remembering a due date may not seem a problem to you; but imagine if you are to pass a big number of different tests and exams. In this case, the mobile application will timely remind you of upcoming events related to your studies, and you won’t miss a thing.


Staying organized is, probably, the most crucial skill to have. This mobile application will make it easier for you to create a plan for your day, week, or even month. All you need to do is to create a to-do list and tick off the completed tasks.


If you are tired of carrying a heavy bag full of course books, or you often forget your favorite novel at home, this simple tool will solve the issue. All your purchased books from Amazon are stored in just one place, in your cell phone. And you don’t forget it anywhere, do you?


To learn effectively, you need to have a clear mind. To do that, you should learn how to meditate. The service at hand provides you with an outstanding opportunity to master that skill. Sometimes, silence and right breathing are the best ways to cope with stress and keep on working.

Essay writing service

Sometimes, you may get that written anxiety that prevents you from composing a good essay. By entrusting your paper to experts, you can have some free time to dedicate to something more pleasant rather than writing another essay for your classes.

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